Orillion is charged with designing and manufacturing innovative and superior solutions to safeguard and protect our environment from disease and destruction caused by introduced mammalian pests.

An ‘orillion’ is a part of a defensive city wall. It offers stewardship and protection and in doing so creates safer spaces for those within it. Orillion’s products and services do much the same thing. Our work is in developing smart and effective solutions to:

We achieve this by eradicating disease and controlling introduced predators through the use of our world-leading 30+ registered pest control products, and our strategic advice tailored specifically to the target species and its environment.

New solutions

Orillion are now developing, sourcing and manufacturing the full spectrum of pest control tools that New Zealand needs to achieve its goal of being ‘predator free’ by 2050.

We are relentless in advancing our existing products to make them even more effective and safe, while also developing the new solutions that New Zealand needs. We invest over $300,000 per annum in research & development to achieve this.

Operating under our industry specific Quality Assurance systems and processes, coupled with our GMP Certificate of Compliance for the manufacture of VTAs, Orillion is the only safe and dependable manufacturer of pest control solutions in New Zealand.

Orillion is a State-Owned Enterprise authorised by, and has oversight from, the Ministry of Primary Industries and the Environmental Protection Authority.


Orillion become the new trading name of Animal Control Products Limited (ACP) in 2016. ACP was originally established in the 1950s under the direction and funding of the regional pest control boards, the Ministry of Agriculture and the New Zealand Forest Service.

Its purpose was to supply bait products for the various agencies involved in controlling a wide range of introduced vertebrate pests including rabbits, wallabies, possums, rooks and feral ungulates, primarily to stop the spread of disease.

In 1991 ACP was established as a Crown-Owned Company and subsequently a State-Owned Enterprise.

Since 1996 ACP has been diversifying and expanding its product range, starting first with the design and manufacture of its domestic pest control solutions, PESTOFF.

Board of Directors

Appointed by the New Zealand Government

Terry Murdoch, Chairman

Pamela Clarke, Director

Sue Rickman, Director

Mark Christensen, Director

Leadership Team

William McCook, Chief Executive

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