Native Species

Orillion plays a role in protecting vulnerable native species

Orillion plays a key role in the protection of native species and habitats. Regular and extensive application of Orillion’s products, has dramatically reduced predator numbers across the vast, possum-prone forests of the Whanganui National Park.

This has allowed North Island brown kiwi to thrive, with their population now numbering several thousand. Many islands around New Zealand and overseas have become special sanctuaries and recovery areas for iconic native species which have become endangered due to predation or habitat loss.

Orillion’s products have successfully eradicated introduced predators from these island havens, guaranteeing a bright future for many native species previously threatened with extinction.

Case Studies

Return of the kokako

The Howick Tramping Club’s (HTC) long-running pest control crusade in the Mangatutu Valley in Pureora Forest Park (between Taupo and Te Kuiti) is the stuff of legends. The forest, whose population of kokako had dwindled to just 7 pairs in the 1990s, is now a stronghold for this spectacularly beautiful bird, the last surviving member of an ancient family of wattlebirds that includes the extinct huia.

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Battle for our birds showing impressive numbers

The first phase of DOC’s epic battle to save many of our forest dwelling bird species from certain extinction has recently been fought on carefully selected sites over both main islands. Post operational monitoring at Waitutu detected only one possum over 1,350 trap nights compared with up to 22% trap catch prior to the operation. This is a very impressive, near perfect result!

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