Focused on security


Safety and security in the storage, handling and transport of toxins has always been a top priority for Orillion. We’re proud of our record in this area and committed to a continuous improvement approach in this as in all areas of our operations. So with the threat in 2015 to contaminate infant formula with 1080 we undertook a comprehensive review of all our processes and policies, looking not just at Orillion but right across our supply chain.

As the only manufacturer of registered pest control products containing 1080 and the largest importer of ‘pure’ 1080, we see it as our role to lead the industry in the safe and secure stewardship of this vitally important pest control tool.

Following our review, as well as implementing a number of measures to further tighten and strengthen our practices, we’ve voluntarily adopted the Australian Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern, in the absence of a New Zealand equivalent at the current time.